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Lost-Heroes: Odonata (Application) by herakushi Lost-Heroes: Odonata (Application) by herakushi
Meet Odonata the Nephelai

Name: Odonata

Age/Birthday: 31 - 4th August

Height/Weight: 6"8 / 2.03 m - 220 lbs / 99.7 Kg

Species: Nephelai

Power: Healing / Flying

Weakness: Any distractions that would stop the healing process / Heavy clothing / Anything that binds her wings

Occupation: Paradiso Science [PS+] : Head of Science

Personality: Level Headed / Sharp / Authoritative / Open

Likes: Flying / Research / Learning new things (via speaking to others) / Bubble Tea / Pandan Cakes / Classical Music / Heavy Metal Screamo / Clouds / Sunny Weather

Dislikes: Rude and Disrespectful people / Reasons and things that prevent her from flying / Spicy Food / Eating Fish / Biased Arguments / Prejudice People

Bio: Upon crash landing on Earth, Odonata and Headshot; the Founder had met by chance upon realising that she, just like the first human she had met, were both Homeless. Odonata has since been learning from her and introducing her own race's technology to forward the development of Paradiso and protect the residents there. She often compares mountainous parts of Earth to her home planet and her liking for clouds often leads her onto the subject of flying around on her planet and gather certain herbs for healing, but other than that she doesn't not speak much of it and instead uses her voice to spread reason and inspiration for the advancement of the science Paradiso Sciences provides. Her home planet habits do however show and she is seen fluttering about with her dragon fly wings, obviously used to flying around. The fact that she does have an obtuse bank of knowledge on the science however does hint at the fact that she was also a scientist back on her homeland - and thus continues to happily live out her dream helping though such a advancing subject.

Although she claims that her race is one that sides with peace she does have a mind that knows how to plan out war strategies - especially on defence - but when it comes to fending off The Eyes of Purity; lethality can be an effective answer - although it is disliked. Even if she could heal others she'll prefer them not to get hurt and experience the pain in the first place.

Other: She's very ticklish on her wings and doesn't like others to touch them. The accessories on her head also enhance her healing powers as it is made from a metal from her home planet that doctors used.
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